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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Lost Mobile Tracking System For Airtel Customers!
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Lost Mobile Tracking System For Airtel Customers!  
Micro LMTS will provide security to the mobile handsets of Airtel subscribers.   
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Thursday, March 13, 2008 Micro Technologies India and Bharti Airtel have joined hands to offer Micro lost mobile tracking system (LMTS) to secure the mobile handsets of Airtel subscribers. The application works on the GSM technology, and this software informs the user about the new mobile number, (that has been replaced by the original mobile number), IMEI Number with the current location of the handset through an SMS alert along with an email.

The Airtel customers can subscribe to this service by logging on the Airtel website or by contacting the service provider. Airtel will be providing Micro LMTS to its subscribers in NCR (North Capital Regions) and Gujarat regions.

This tie-up would be beneficial for all Airtel subscribers who will now experience a high-end technology to safeguard their mobile handsets.

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abhishek shrivastava   2255 days ago

my self abhishek shrivastava,my phones emi number is351669027387692.please help me i have lost it 2 days before,it had a mobile tracking device.model number is spice 650
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Arti Singh   2254 days ago

This is not a mobile tracking site. This is just a coverage about the company's product. I think if you have the mobile tracking application in your mobile, then you should contact Spice people to help you track your mobile.
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naga   702 days ago

Hi can any one help. I lost my mobileSamsung galoxy young on 19-07-2013 nearly 2.40pm IST. My IMEI code is 352384056411236 .Please help me. Thank you in advance.
Rema   2254 days ago

HI There, I lost my mobile, Nokia N81 yesterday. Can you plz help me out. Its IMEI number is : 356994017589536
Shailesh   998 days ago

Hi My name shailesh Gavhane i have lost my cell phone My airtel number is 9967100100 i dnt have imei number plz if you could help me with tracing my cell phone i would be very glad to you.I am a ver old customer of airtel On network from last 4 years plz help me with this.
jigar mehta   731 days ago

i hav ust lost myt iphone 5 wid imei 013416005782811my number is 9867088707 which was in iphone 5 plz help m to track it n get it bck
sachin gavali   750 days ago

i have lost my Blackberry 8520 curve cell phonemy IMEI nos 357828043652653please trace this for me i have my total contacts in that phone i need that mobile at any point please help me gavali.sachin@gmail.com
hasini sri priyanjali rayi   703 days ago

i lost my ipad and it has airtel sim its number is 9000152762.kindly help in getting my ipad .thankyou.
rishi verma   2245 days ago

Hi I am Rishi Verma. I lost my Nokia N73 yesterday (7th June 09) in ITO delhi. Its IMEI no. is 353548021771374. I was using Airtel prepaid and I have blocked my SIM. Is there any tracking system which can help me now. Plz help me.
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JAVAID AHAMAD   2193 days ago

I lost my cell Made by Nokia Series N72 on 24-07-09. EMI no. is 353089021780578 black
deepu   2229 days ago

Hi, If the person removed sim card from mobile, you cant trace the location. In your phone,if there is any mobile tracker facility that you activated.It will send the msg to the numbers that you added in the mobile tracker option....Then location
Kepler Manuel   1079 days ago

You can post the details of your lost mobile at lostmobile.computrix.in.
Ravi Vyas   1072 days ago

Sir I lost my mobile phone Nokia 5800 Xpress Music on 27 Feb 2012 with IMEI number 358279036776001 it was purchased on 16012010. Please reply how can i get my mobile phone.
Satya   2248 days ago

Actually this should be a centralised system as explained below. We all know that all mobile phones have a unique IMEI number and the number gets registered with the service provider, once the phone gets activated. TRAI or any other central agency could initiate a website where the buyer of any phone has an option of getting his handset registered providing the IMEI number and other details. This shall be shared with all the service providers. As soon as the phone gets stolen or is lost, the user/ buyer can report the loss of his phone on the same website and the IMEI number comes under the "watch-list" category and is further shared with all the service providers. Since the IMEI number is under "watch" or is rendered un-usable by all service providers, as soon as the other user, who either have bought the stolen phone or have got it from somewhere, tries to use the phone, the phone shall never get activated and renders the phone useless. This shall be a deterrent to both the buyer of the stolen phone and the thief, and the phone becomes just a piece of art! Hope this gets implemented and stealing of the phone becomes a useless profession!
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azhar   2244 days ago

Could you please give me link of a site to block my lost mobile with imei
soma   2248 days ago

HI, I lost my Nokia 6300 slim handset with IMEI number as 356261016496109. I lost it on April 2 2009. Please trace it out.
Gunjan Thoams   2244 days ago

Hi I am Gunjan Thoams. I lost my Nokia 6210s (21-5-2009) in Faridabad. Its IMEI no. is 354199020230704. I was using Airtel prepaid and I have blocked my SIM. Is there any tracking system which can help me now. Plz help me.
Bobbie   2238 days ago

please help,... i lost my mobile N95 Imei 356263010434862 with number +6281314110111 please sombody help me,... how to find my mobile, Indonesia is very bad country n to much thief. pleasee help this the 3rd time i lost mobile.
Priyanka Sharma   2237 days ago

Help me find my lost mobile. My IMEI NO is :358080014759476 and my sim has been de-activated and a duplicate sim has already been issued my cell is 09935833340. My cell was Nokia N 70 (Black Body)
Prashant Thakkar   2618 days ago

How Micro LMTS will be provide service if any subscriber is changing his handset. Can system help the users who has already lost there cell phones but they have the IMEI number of there phones. Do it require any application to be downloaded on the cell.
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sudhir   2457 days ago

I am airtel dist. Please confirm that how find the lost customer mobile
Pradip Mohapatra   2296 days ago

My Nokia N73 Music edition phone was stolen in Jan 2009. IMEI No. is 3589730140066189. Would you please trace it.
Jyothi   2211 days ago

Hi...I lost mobile (NOKIA#3121, silver colour, purchase date: 5th feb 2005) today, bearing Airtel number#9902522422 having IMEI#355358006487832. Can any body please help me. Thanks in Advance!!
Asha   2173 days ago

My Dad, C Y Shete recently lost his N95 with IMEI - 359542019551215. Let me know on 09892340108 as soon as possible.
anish bhatia   2482 days ago

i hav lost my mobile....is thr any possibility to track my phone....if it is please provide me the details.
Bhupendra Singh   2227 days ago

Hi. I lost my MOTOROKR E8, IMEI number of handset is 359612010343068 using Vodafone number 9823052588. I blocked the SIM and reissued the same number.
ARUP BHUYAN   2212 days ago

I have lost an LG KP 500 cookie in show room condition; IMEI number of the stolen mobile phone is 359068021565605.
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arup bhuyan   2195 days ago

I have lost an LG KP 500 cookie in show room condition; IMEI number of the stolen mobile phone is 359068021565605
Gautam   2209 days ago

If u got ur mobile phone u pls contact me also because i also lost my phone recently i.e. is on 10.07.09 please do the needful my email id: vikraam12@gmail.com
ateek khan   2251 days ago

Dear Sir/Ma'm, My Nokia N73 was lost on 30/05/08 in Mumbai. My mobile IMEI no. is 352916026118209. Purchasing Date is 02/04/08. I have also lost my Luke mobile SIM with mobile, its number is 9773513442. I have registered an FIR in police station, but to no avail. Pls help me find my mobile. Please e-mail me at nafees.bhai@gmail.com, if you have any info about my mobile.
vybhav vijay kumar   2359 days ago

Dear Sir, I lost my Apple I phone on 6th in Mysore i will be really thankful if u could help me in tracing it out the IMEI NUMBER IS 011364001530119. kindly contact me on 9901226880 for anymore information.
YUVARAJ   2345 days ago

hello sir i lost my n73 mobile this is my mobile number 900 354 2666 imei no:- 358973016297257
Lt. Col. J.S. Chauhan   2338 days ago

I have lost my Apple iPhone. Please assist me if I can track it back. The imei no. is- 011712002738901.
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mukul sheoran   2334 days ago

Hello Sir. I lost my mobile having gprs facility huawei -- its sr no -p79maa1831214825.
Sachin   2314 days ago

Hello Friends, A new application has been launched in the market -- Maverick Secure Mobile Application which helps you track your phone remotely and get each and every activity about the THIEF without knowing him. Features: Protect your data
Manjunatha.C   2298 days ago

Dear Sir, I lost my Soni Ericsson k790i mobile on 15th April in Bangalore. I will be really thankful if u could help me in tracing it out the IMEI NUMBER IS 35220701-305195-3. Kindly contact me on 09901453600 for anymore information. Manjunatha.C
gagan   2297 days ago

Hi Sir I am Gagan. I lost my iPhone on 16/4/09. I would be very much thankful if u can track it. IMEI: 011712993248942. I lost it in Jalandhar. Please contact me if you find it -- 09779090749.
Dr.Shishir   2295 days ago

Sir, I am a BSNL customer. My mobile has got stolen. The SIM card no. of the mobile stolen was 09454053777 which is a BSNL no. Can you please track my stolen mobile and help me? The IMEI no. of the stolen mobile is 358973010137061. I have been a BSNL customer always and my other working no. is 09452070007, which is also a BSNL No. My name: Dr.Shishir Upadhyay Address: B-38/217-A-29, Taradham colony, mehmoorganj Varanasi Phone model: N 73 Make: Nokia Last used No.:9454053777 (which has been stolen along with my mobile) E-mail for communication: gurumgt@yahoo.co.uk Missed date: 18-4-2009 IMEI No.: 358973010137061 Thanking You.
sweta   2295 days ago

Sir, Pls help me find my mobile its Nokia N73 music edition and the no. is 358973011853179. If you find it I will really be thankful.
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LAKSHMANAN.A   2164 days ago

Hi friend! Did you get your missed cellphone? If no, mail me I will help you get it back. luxmanhosur@gmail.com 09994441947
amit   2236 days ago

Sir I have lost my Nokia 7210 handset. imei no. is 351962034654612 and last no. used is Airtel's 9784135485. SIM has been blocked and reissued/ Plz help me and find out the cell.
sanjay   2267 days ago

cool!!!! but the real time thief is police can we go n complaint to them ??
Bharat Singh Rajput   2186 days ago

Dear Sir, I lost my NOKIA 3500 mobile on 3 Aug in Bangalore. I will be really thankful if u could help me in tracing this from 4 Aug 2009(7:30 P.M.) to 5 Aug-2009(6:30 P.M.) Airtel No. is 09611897635. Kindly contact me on 09611897635 for any more information. I blocked this number on 5 Aug-09 now I am using this number again from 5 Aug 09 at 18:30. Bharat Singh Rajput, Bangalore
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dhawal   2183 days ago

please send me ur mobile EMI number
Pradeep Raj   2180 days ago

Sir, I lost my Nokia 3600 slide,black colour mobile. It's IMEI no. is 355706022384963. I took another Airtel SIM with same no. My no. is 9959806853. Please help me in tracing the mobile. It's a gift from my dad. Please help me sir!
Prashant   2171 days ago

I lost my mobile with IMEI no.358848009293234. Please help me. My mobile no. 9730658684
CHANDAN ARORA   2167 days ago

Sir, I lost my mobile model no.: SA2386A. IMEI no.: 355056-01-055442-9. Phone No.: 09872571118. Please help me find it. Chandan Arora
ganesh   2241 days ago

I have lost my mobile. Plz help me in getting my mobile. Try to send me more detail as more as possible, such as mobile location or any other detail.
joycee dalbhanjan   2240 days ago

I lost my mobile phone on 6th June'09. Nokia 5130c model. with number 09860835447.
Surender Pal Singh   2231 days ago

Lost my Motorola Handset (Moto Razr V3I) with IMEI Number 3550550105203845. Last Used Airtel Prepaid Number was 9784260361. Plz help in tracing my mobile phone.
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deepu   2230 days ago

Hi, If the SIM card was removed, we can't find the location.....
deepu   2230 days ago

hi, In your phone if mobile tracker option is there means, you can find your phone by person who changes the sim in your phone. it will send msg to the mobile tracker numbers...there is a portal http://ezrecharge.in to find the location of the mobi
jabir   2225 days ago

l lost my Nokia E71 on 24-05-2009. Please help me locate my mobile phone. IMEI No.: 354855025402503; E-mail: jabir_new2006@yahoo.com
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RAVI   2217 days ago

I disagree with this. If anyone finds any kind of thing whether it be money, mobile or any kind of property, it becomes his property. In case of mobile, if mobile is stolen by someone, he sells this cell to someone, who may use this.
vivek rawat   2216 days ago

A thief has stolen my mobile Nokia 3110 near Noida sector-16 today on a bus. Please do something over this matter. I shall be thankful to you. lost mobile ph no.- 09999860360 you can contact me - 01202672140
vivek rawat   2216 days ago

I lost my Nokia 3110 on 7-07-2009 near Noida sec-16. Please help me locate my mobile phone. IMEI No.: 355728020680507; E-mail: vivekrawat15@gmail.com vivek ntpc, ghaziabad
hemanttyagi   1123 days ago

i have lost my mobile on 29 june pls help me sir for recovery my mobile NOKIA C2-O3 WITH airtel prepaid sim 8800536166IMEI NO1- 359064048973120IMEI NO2- 359064048973138
Guru   2015 days ago

I am Guru. I lost my mobile (5800d-1) yesterday which was bought 2 days before. Its IMEI no is 358279034628709.
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Joseph   2011 days ago

Hi Guru, If you come to know some system could get your mobile pls let me know. I just lost my Samsung mobile four days before. I am using Airtel connection.
T.R. Sudha   1827 days ago

I lost my Nokia 6300 past Sunday, July 25, 2010. IMEI no. is 356777025123467. Help me trace my mobile at the earliest. Do leave a message if you get a clue on 9500013229. The lost mobile no. is 9677010799. The two numbers are in CUG connection.
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Rishi   1645 days ago

Hi Sudha, Do call or msg to this number Regards Rishi
Sharath Chandra   1676 days ago

I am a student using Airtel in Andhra Pradesh. My mobile number is Nokia 5230 and its imei number is 352014044011992. Can u trace my mobile and send me the number that has been replaced with the address of the new sim? I would be very thankful to Airtel if this wonderful service do this favour to me.... waiting for a reply soon.. my contact number is 09533699158.
Harshad Patel   2102 days ago

Dear Sir, I lost my mobile on 25 October 2009 in Ahmedabad. I am Airtel's prepaid customer. My stolen no. is 09998229029. My mobile details: Company & Model - Nokia 3110C IMEI No.- 354862029988586. Could you please help me find out my mobile ? If you have any details, please SMS/contact me at 09909256816.
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Maumita Paul   2035 days ago

I lost my mobile today. My model is Nokia 5130 model, IMEI: 356040031375708 purchased on 3rd Aug 09. Please help me out and guide me what to do about that.
Sangeetha   1988 days ago

Lost my mobile - Sony Ericson- W810i on Feb-15-2010.Mobile number is 9994216506.Help me to track the lost mobile.
Pathan md.rasul iqbal   2062 days ago

Lost my mobile Phone model: Nokia N73 IMEI No.: 355718028808184 Make: April,09 Lost date: 31-10-2009 Time : 6 pm.
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Ashish   2059 days ago

Hi guys, Its no use calling up customer care people ... nothing happens. I got my cell after 4 months. I just came across this site http://www.trackmycell.0fees.net for the sake of trying it and finally my luck worked.
Manisha Lakhotiya   1985 days ago

Dear Sir/Madam, I lost my Apple iPhone on 27th Nov 2009 (2:30pm)in Nasik (Maharashtra). I will be really thankful if u could help me in tracing it out. The IMEI NUMBER is: 011301006621543. Please contact me on 9730909993 for any more information.
Sunandan Taneja   1759 days ago

I have lost Airtel blackberry 8250 bearing IMEINo: 355931030015686 pin : 211333EB mobile no 9818012266 at vasant Kunj Mall. Can you help in tracing it.
Ruby   2425 days ago

i hav lost my mobile....is thr any possibility to track my phone.
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bhupal   2374 days ago

have u recd your Mobile , pl confirm i have lost my moblie phone in dt 27/01/09,
vignesh   2307 days ago

Hello sir, I am vignesh. I lost my mobile nokia N73. Please help me in getting back my mobile. My mobile IMEI no. is: 355718024360339
chadnra pal   2289 days ago

Sir, Please help me find my mobile. Its Nokia 5800 Xpress music and the IMEI no. is 354182026331189. If you find it I will really be thankful. It was lost on 18/4/2009 with Airtel no. 09958169007. My new contact no. is 09352486333.
B.Ashwinkumar   2287 days ago

I lost my mobile in a city bus (Bangalore). Please trace my mobile. MOTOROLA ZN 200 IMEI NO- 356431020246721 contact no - 09741961592
Jitendra Singh Sengar   2215 days ago

My Samsung E-250i Balck Mobile phone was lost in 06 july 2009 at Gwalior IMEI No. is 352374030570231. Would you please trace it. Jitendra Singh Sengar New Sanjay Nagar, AB Road , Birla Nagar, Gwalior
Pavan Kumar   2201 days ago

I lost my iPhone. IMEI no : 011300002255355 Serial no : 7U7300AFWH8, Airtel no :9000208142 Can anyone help me track my iPhone plzzzzzzzzzzz? i have imp stuff in it. Now my mobile number is 9966066200.
S. K. Bhattacharya   2197 days ago

I have lost a mobile on 11.07.09 at Pradhan Nagar, SILIGURI,make: Samsung, model:smsg B220, IMEI no:355104020296282, ph no:9635413164 at the time of loss. Please help me and if it is tracked reply me in my another cell phone bearing no 09474876978.
Pawan Ganjoo   2196 days ago

IMEI No :-3542160319960 GSM No:- 00968-95925690 MD:- NOKIA 5800
Atul Kumar Singh   2194 days ago

Dear sir, I have lost my HTC mobile EMI No. - 353533011757039 at my native place Bareilly UP. The last used no. with that phone is 09724554161 (Presently using by me) Please help me!
Bhuplesh Gupta   2180 days ago

Dear Sir, I lost my iPhone on 3 Aug in Bangalore. I will be really thankful if u could help me in tracing this from 3 Aug 2009 (6:30 P.M.) to 5 Aug-2009 (6:30 P.M.) Airtel No. is 09900119661. Kindly contact me on 09880877673 for any more information. I blocked this number on 4 Aug-09.
meera   2171 days ago

I lost my N73 while travelling. Plz help me find out my mobile. IMEI no. 3564380199993824 My Alt no. 09176663638
ranjini   2169 days ago

I, Ranjini Rao, lost my Sony Ericsson W 200 I - mobile - 355441017880623 at food world bannergutta road. Please contact, 08042136121, if found.
tanpreet singh mundra   2167 days ago

Missed date : 24-08-2009 IMEI No. : 354556-03-0152865 Please help me find my mobile! Thanks Tanpreet singh mundra +91-9977117446
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aashmita   2147 days ago

Hey, did Airtel help u guys???
Nirrali   2118 days ago

I lost my mobile Nokia 7610 on 12 October 2009 around 2.30 P.M. The IMEI no is 35638802924784. Could you please track my mobile? Contact Number 09840183047.
Mohit Sodani   2087 days ago

Dear Sir/Madam, I lost my Nokia N73M, on 22.1.09 at around 6:30 P.M. I.M.E.I Mo. is 358973011127715. Last used no. in that cell phone was 9903149190. If found please inform to Mohit Sodani...Contact No 9903149190. Thanking You!!!
Reply   2 Replies
Laltleipuii   2073 days ago

My Airtel prepaid mobile was stolen today i.e. 26th November '09 from my car! I was using a Motorola A810 with an IMEI no.35644-02-037187-8. Could you please help me in recovering my lost mobile phone?
Madhu   1989 days ago

Hi Mohin, did it work out?? Pls reply.
Hitesh J Suthar   2056 days ago

Dear Sir, Somebody stole my two mobiles on 11 Dec 2009 in Palanpur. I am Airtel's Postpaid customer. My stolen no. is 9662515439. My mobile details: Company & Model (1) Bleu 651z IMEI No.- 356194010022466 (2) Samsung IMEI No.-358725/02/256317/5 Could you please help me find out my mobile ? If you have any details, please SMS/contact me at +91 9825709895. Also Email: hitesh7188@gmail.com.
Abhishek Shrivastav   2039 days ago

Dear All, This is to bring to your kind notice that I (Abhishek Shrivastava ) have lost my Samsung mobile E 840 having IMEI No.355093/01/683597/3 on dated 3rd Dec.09. Kindly help me out to find my mobile. Thanks & Rgds Abhishek Shrivastava 91-9810331126
sachin gavali   750 days ago

i have lost my Blackberry 8520 curve cell phonemy IMEI nos 357828043652653please trace this for me i have my total contacts in that phone i need that mobile at any point please help me gavali.sachin@gmail.com
Ragunandan Rohit   2370 days ago

I have lost my Mobile (Mob:-9753651262) at Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, India. I want to know the exact place of my mobile at this time.
Reply   2 Replies
Sachin   2359 days ago

Hello Sir, A new application has been launched in the market Maverick Secure Mobile Application. Which help you to track ur phone remotely and get each & every activity about the THIEF without knowing him. It not only works when STOLEN but al
rayhan   2334 days ago

Dear sir, I have lost my mobile phone having tata indicom SIM -- its mobile no is -09212741544. I want to know what mobile no. is using this time.
subhendu kundu   2305 days ago

I lost my mobile Nokia 3110. Please track my mobile if possible and send me details.
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Srivatsan   2300 days ago

I lost my Nokia 6600 recently. The IMEI no is 359365004233338 Could you help trace it? Thanks.
Bikramjeet Singh   2240 days ago

I have lost my mobile phone in Mohali its IMEI number is 356785012988388, ITS MODEL NUMBER IS HTC P3452
N Raveendranadh   2287 days ago

Hi Team, I lost my Nokia N73 mobile. IMEI NO. 356406018909191. My Mobile No. 09849444559. Please track my mobile. Regards, Raveendranadh N
Ishwar dev singh kushwaha   2285 days ago

Sir, Please help me find my mobile. It's Nokia 1650 Black and the IMEI no. is 352051022995200. If you find it, I will really be thankful. It was lost on 28/4/2009 in between 5-6pm with Airtel no. 09818455471 issued to Rambali. My e-mail id is-ishwar.dev.online@gmail.com.
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RR   2266 days ago

Hi did u get ur lost mobile back i juz wanted 2 know that EFY site really helped u
Dixit garg   2265 days ago

hello sir, I have lost my Nokia N81 mobile phone. After 4 Years of savings at last I was able to buy a smartphone. Now I am not in condition to purchase a new phone again. So plz find out my mobile and trace out the location of the mobile device. name : Dixit Garg Phone model: Nokia N81 Maker: Nokia Last used No.: 09815888110 E-mail: dixit_garg@yahoo.com Missed date:16/05/2009 IMEI No: 356994018392245 plz help me sir thank u
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Rema   2255 days ago

Hello Sir, did u receive the mobile back... did this site really help u?
subbaraju   2235 days ago

Respected Sir, This mail is regarding my cell phone which have been stolen from my office on 17th of June 2009. I lost my mobile at my home. I would request you to kindly accede to my request and do the needful. I will be thankful for an early action. Please find the full details given below. Name: subbaraju Address: 131- A2, Munnekolala , Marathahalli, C K B layout, Bangalore. Phone model: Nokia 6300 Last used No: 09902766033 Banglore Airtel E-mail : subbaraju_81@yahoo.co.in Missed date: 17.06.2009 IEMI No : 354864021200119 Pls reply me at the e-mail address mentioned above or at 09886447444 or 080-25220612. Thanks and Regards, Subbaraju
Archana   2212 days ago

please help,... i lost my mobile N73 from Pune shivaji nagar Imei 353548027277160 with number +9860323559. I have registered an FIR in police station.please somebody help me,... how to find my mobile.
Vandana Arya   2194 days ago

Name : VANDANA ARYA Address : G-15, Arya Nagar Apartments, 91, I.P.Extension, Patparganj, Delhi - 110092 Phone Model : SGH - X200 Make : SAMSUNG Last Used No : 9910154460 E-mail for communication : vandana-nb@nic.in Missed date : 27th July, 2009 IMEI No: 357715000441776 If U find the phone, kindly contact 9811287176 (Rajnish Arya)
Avneet   2192 days ago

I think it's a wrong news. No Airtel customer care executive is ready to help in this regard.
saurabh sood   2172 days ago

My Nokia N-72 was stolen when I was travelling in a bus in Noida. My mobile number is 09717021017. Please help tracing my cell..... IMEI no. 355721020098069
vimi   2169 days ago

My cell phone was stolen by an auto wala on 2 August 2009, in Pune. It's a Nokia 6085 handset, flap one. Its IMEI no. is 358061018814970. Kindly contact at 09589186656, or 09893252416, if it's found. This is Vimi loomba, now in Raipur. Thanking You. Vimi Loomba Raipur 9589186656
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Amit P. Vaghela   2164 days ago

Dear Sir, I lost my phone E-63 today morning from my college IMEI no. is 359319021878229 I don't know how to find it. Only you are my help right now to give me location as soon as possible. Regards Amit Vaghela
karunakaran   2167 days ago

My mobile was lost on 24 August 2009. IMEI no:357680021816663. Some very important numbers are there in that mobile. Pls do me a favour by finding the mobile. Contact me at 09959433579.
Vageesh   2167 days ago

I lost my mobile with mobile no. 099022 64795; Model nokia 5220 X music red; and IMEI: 353662013054739. Plz find out n mail me at vagish@hotmail.com or call 099450 34174.
prabhakaran.s   2167 days ago

I Lost My Nokia 3100 23/08/2009. Its number is 09994271369 (Airtel). If there is any method to track my mobile, please mail at prabha_redbull@yahoo.co.in or SMS 09443502181. But I blocked my mobile number and I am going to buy duplicate SIM of the same number.
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Anupam Jaiswal   2095 days ago

I lost my mobile Huawei C- 5100 on 7 Oct 2009 around 10:30 A.M. The MEID no. is A00000134929F0 and ESn No. 80E10CC6. Could you please track my mobile? Contact Number 09253091234. E Mail Id-anupjaiswal87@gmail.com
Subramaniam   2128 days ago

I lost my mobile Nokia 7610s on 7th September 2009 around 4.30 P.M. The IMEI no is 356388023051724. Could you please track my mobile? Contact Number 09443076053.
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Tushar Mhaske   2057 days ago

I lost my mobile Nokia N-79,4GB Handset (C.White) on 5 December 2009 around 5.05 P.M. The IMEI no is 356044031040171. Could you please track my mobile? Contact Number.9594074911
Sandeep Kumar   1857 days ago

I lost my mobile on 26th June 2010 in Chandigarh. HTC P3452 IMEI NO. 356786015144888. Pls help in searching and call me on my mobile no 09805052022 or email me at sandeepbattan@yahoo.com,sandeepkumar@glenmark.com. Thanks
Vivek Kumar Gupta   1762 days ago

Hi, I have lost my mobile phone NOKIA X6 16 GB Black colored on 3rd of October, IMEI No.-352006043905513 Mobile No. is 9810644089, on the name of Vikrant Kumar. Would u plz trace it. If get any information kindly inform on the alternate no.- 09990813192, Thanks a TON.
An Airtel Customer   1664 days ago

I lost my mobile. I inquired through airtel customer care to see if there is any way to trace my lost mobile. I was able to block my SIM. But i could not block or track my mobile phone. When i inquired with Airtel customer they told they can only help in blocking the SIM, they didn't even help me on how to proceed or how can i trace my mobile.
Reply   2 Replies
Shard   1621 days ago

If you know the date when it was lost and the last phone number you called, please visit an Airtel relationship centre and dial 999. After providing the info, you receive your IMEI number. After this go ahead and file an FIR in police station.
Diwakar   1595 days ago

Hi sudha, i faced similar experience when i lost my mobile , but i got my mobile back. My experience and the way i got my mobile may help you to get your mobile back, Please visit http://bizcovering.com/business/how-to-find-my-lost-mobile-ant
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